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Types of horse racing betting

Show: Another variety of a straight bet, the Show bet is used when you want to bet that a horse will finish in the top 3 positions in the race. Again, if the horse comes in first or second, you will not win any more money than if the horse finishes third. This is the safest of the straight bets but also offers the smallest return.

If you are confident the horse will finish better than third, you would have a larger return placing a Win or Place bet. If you bet a horse "across the board" you are effectively betting him to Win, Place, and Show. If the horse wins, you collect on all 3 bets. If the horse comes in 2nd, you collect the Place and Show payoffs.

If the horse comes in 3rd, you collect on the Show bet only. This will pay more than betting either of the horses to win or place. Quinella: Similar to the Exacta, but this does not require the bettor to predict the order of the top two horses. Simply put, the bettor only has to pick the horses which will finish in the top two places, but does not have to predict which of those two will actually win the race.

Since this is easier to predict than an Exacta, it also pays less than the Exacta typically it pays about half of the Exacta payoff. It requires the bettor to pick the horses, in order, that finish in the top 3 positions in the race. It is significantly harder to predict than an Exacta, and accordingly will pay out much more for a winning bet.

Superfecta: The most difficult of the single-race exotics, the Superfecta, requires the bettor to predict the first four finishers, in order. Predicting a Superfecta is very difficult and will always require the bettor to take different combinations of horses so that there are more chances of winning. Double: A Double is the simplest type of wager that spans multiple races.

It requires the bettor to pick the winner in two consecutive races. There are also tracks that offer Double's in the middle of a card. If there is a Double available to be bet on, there will be a note of it on the first race or leg of the Double wager. The larger the number, the harder it is to pick, as well as the greater the payoff.

For these bets, it is recommended to take several combinations of horses in each race to increase your chances of winning although this also increases the cost. Some tracks also offer one Pick 6 per card. The payoff for one of these bets will be shown on the results for the last leg of the wager. For Pick 3s and Pick 4s, if nobody has the required number of races correct, they will typically pay out for people who missed one less race. For example, if nobody predicted a Pick 4 correctly, people who had 3 of 4 correct will get paid.

In addition, the payoff results would indicate a payoff for "Pick 4 3 of 4 correct ". For a Pick 6, typically the track will also give a small payoff to bettors who had 5 of 6 correct. However, if nobody had all 6 correct, the majority of the Pick 6 pool will be carried over to the next racing day, making the subsequent Pick 6 pool even larger.

Place Pick All: This bet is similar to a Pick-x bet, except that you need a horse to place come in 1st or 2nd in each race, instead of to win. There are different terms used to refer to methods of combining horses, particularly for single race exotic wagers such as Exactas and Trifectas.

We will define the most commonly used terms below. If you need assistance in calculating the cost of an exotic wager combination, use our Exotic Wager Cost Calculator. Straight: Refers to any wager placed where there is only 1 combination. Since a straight bet is only 1 combination, the total cost of the bet will the amount of the bet. On a Place Bet you choose one horse and your horse needs to finish first OR second to claim some winnings! Click here for more details on a Place bet. Click here for more details on a Show bet.

On an Exacta Bet you need to choose the horses that will finish first AND second in the correct order to claim your winnings! Click here for more details on an Exacta bet. Click here for more details on a Quinella bet. Click here for more details on a Trifecta bet. Click here for more details on a Superfecta bet. Click here for more details on a Super Hi-5 bet. Click here for more details on a Daily Double bet.


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Win: The simplest bet you can make on a horse race.

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Ante post betting cheltenham 2021 chevy A single bet on two outcomes in different events. A Double Stakes About is an Any To Come bet consisting of two selections partaking in different events, which are compiled to produce two bets derived from two singles. In this example, the number of combinations is the number of horses in the race besides the 1. A multiple race exotic wager may be referred to as "Straight", if you take only 1 horse in each race. A straight forecast is correctly predicting the finishing order of the horses in first and second in a race.
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An across the board wager is a combination of the win, place and show bet. If your selection finishes first you collect on the win, the place and the show. If it finishes second you collect on the place and the show. If it finishes third you only collect on the show bet.

Example: When you bet across the board the first thing to bear in mind is that you are placing three individual bets. The optimal time to go for this bet type is when your handicapping points toward an outside competitor. If the odds price matches your hunch i. They can reap huge profits, although they do require a more strategic approach and considerably more know-how.

Exotic wagers are typically used by more experienced punters with a more sizeable bankroll as they can, very often, require you to lay out a fair sum of money in order to guarantee a profit. A tricast Bet sometimes referred to as a trifecta is where you bet on three horses that you think will finish in first, second and third position in an exact order.

This can become pricey if you use several horses, however pay-outs are sizeable if the selections come good. A reverse tricast, sometimes referred to as a combination tricast, is a variation of a tricast bet where you wager on which horses you think will reach home in first, second and third in any order.

This will increase the cost of your bet significantly as you are covering several different combinations, each of which is considered as a separate bet. Example: The cost of a reverse tricast is normally a little pricier than a normal tricast. Box trifectors can be broken down as follows:. The process of paying for multiple combinations just so you can cash in on a bet so it feels like a win is a bad method in the long run.

A Forecast bet is when you wager on which horses you think will cross the finish line in the first and second positions in that an order. You will only receive a payout if your chosen selections finish in the correct order. Much like tricast bets, pay-outs here can be sizeable, especially if the horses are showing good odds. A reverse forecast bet — or combination forecast as it is sometimes called — allows you to wager on which horses you think will finish in first and second in an exact order.

This means that provided your selections finish in those top two spots, you will see a return. A first four bet also sometimes referred to as a Superfecta is an extension of the forecast and tricast bets. Here you are required to pick the horses you think will finish in first, second, third and fourth in an exact order.

Superfectas obviously have particularly long odds, however when they do come good, the payouts are substantial. For a straight superfecta bet you would select four or more horses in the race and wager on them to win, place, show or come in 4th place. If the horses finished in any order other than this the bet would be a failure. Strategy: Unless you are an absolute expert at handicapping or you are able to see into the future, picking the first four finishing places in the exact order is one of the longest of long shots.

When you place a straight superecta you are aware of the fact that the chances of your bet coming good are extremely slim. What if the horse comes in second? If the horse comes in third place, you get paid on the Show wager only. For a two dollars wager, they cost four dollars. The Perfecta is the combination of predicting the winning pony and the second place pony, in order.

The proceeds are higher than wagering either of the ponies to win or place betting options. As long as your ponies finish in the top two positions, you win. So if you staked a two dollar Quinella wager on ponies 1 and 6, you can collect if pony 1 and pony 6 come in first and second in any order. The main difference between a quinella and a box exacta bet is cost: a two dollar quinella wager costs two dollar while a two dollar box exacta wager will cost you four dollars.

The payout for a box exactor is usually more than a quinella wager. If you stake a two dollars trifecta wager on , you can only get paid if pony 1 comes in first, pony 2 comes in second, and pony 7 comes in third. There is also an option of boxing your trifecta wager so you can win if your 3 ponies come in first, second, and third place in any order.

Boxing your trifecta will greatly increase the cost of your wager because there are several combinations. So a two dollars box trifecta wager will actually cost you dollars or a one dollar trifecta boxed will cost you 6-dollars. As with trifectas and exactas, you can box a Superfecta at an additional cost. Double — A double is one of the simplest types of horse racing bets that spans multiple races. A double requires the punter to pick the winner in two consecutive races.

If there is a double available to bet on, there will be a reminder of it on the first leg of the double bet. The two dollars payout for a double will be displayed on the results for the second race of the wager. The greater the amount, the difficult it is to pick, as well as the greater the payout. Place Pick All — This wager is similar to a Pick-x wager, except that you need a pony to place come in first or second in each leg, instead of to win. With a Place Pick All wager, you must pick a place pony in every leg on the card usually eight or nine races.

An Each Way bet is basically two bets, one is for the pony to win, and the other is for the pony to place. Because it is two wagers, each way rules suggest that you double your stake. You will receive a profit on your wager if your prediction wins but also if it places. The odds would normally have to be bigger for it to be effective. Choose the type that is more suitable to your type of betting.