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Gay, A. Gay A et al Fatigue performance of a self-piercing rivet joint between aluminum and glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite. Int J Fatigue — Di Franco G, Fratini L, Pasta A Fatigue behaviour of self-piercing riveting of aluminium blanks and carbon fibre composite panels.

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Strojniski Vestnik-Journal of Mechanical Engineering 57 4 — Key Eng Mater — Abe Y, Kato T, Mori K Self-piercing riveting of high tensile strength steel and aluminium alloy sheets using conventional rivet and die. J Mater Process Technol 8 — Krishnappa, U. Bouchard PO, Laurent T, Tollier L Numerical modeling of self-pierce riveting—from riveting process modeling down to structural analysis.

Porcaro R et al An experimental investigation on the behaviour of self-piercing riveted connections in aluminium alloy AA International Journal of Crashworthiness 11 5 — Hanssen AG et al A large-scale finite element point-connector model for self-piercing rivet connections.

Sommer, S. Download references. Correspondence to Dezhi Li. Reprints and Permissions. Self-piercing riveting-a review. Int J Adv Manuf Technol 92, — Download citation. Received : 06 October Accepted : 12 February Published : 20 March Issue Date : September Search SpringerLink Search. His gaze — a bit drowsy, a bit too calm — suggests less scrutable motives. Late in the movie, a phone call between Longo and Jill provides a deft exposition of manipulation.

Hill delivers a convincing portrait of the one-time quasar who was dismissed from his job after he conflated facts in a magazine cover story about the contemporary slave trade in Mali. Credited with exceptional productions of Macbeth and Richard II, Goold turns out to be terrifically suited to the task of finding the uncomfortably resonant in this very ugly tale, which he co-wrote with David Kajganich.

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But Corbynism lasted almost half a decade …. Overflow patients were moved to hospital hallways and gift shops, even a cafeteria. Refrigerated trucks were on standby, ready to store the dead. AP — Authorities arrested a suburban Milwaukee pharmacist Thursday suspected of deliberately ruining hundreds of doses of coronavirus vaccine by removing them from refrigeration for two nights.

I arrived late so wanted to get started quickly and noticed this lovely little building, the Globe Tavern, dwarfed by the steelwork and railway bridges. In the afternoon, after sampling some of the delicious food the market has to offer, I chose to draw inside the main market building.

I found the structure is so complicated to draw, with sections added here and there as the market expanded. It was really enjoyable though and I highly recommend a visit if you are ever in the area. Labels: borough market , Lis Watkins , pen and watercolour. Sunday, 8 November Extra sketchcrawl: around Liberty's. James Hobbs, Piccadilly The Borough Market gathering may just have passed, but we have an extra sketchcrawl this month, which takes place on Saturday 14 November leaving from Timberyard Soho, the cafe where the exhibition of drawings by 24 urban sketchers went on display last week.

We are planning to end back at the cafe at 2pm , which means a slightly shorter event than usual, but there's no need to stop if you want to go on. Haven't been before? Don't worry. Come and say hello. It's very relaxed. Just bring your own drawing equipment. Extra sketchcrawl: around Liberty's. Labels: bbc , liberty , sketchcrawl , Soho , timberyard. Saturday, 7 November Buildings under Urban Regeneration. Just lately I have been documenting places that are under threat, or in the procedure of redevelopment.

Protests are taking place to save the estate. Residents are being moved off the estate, block by block, re-homed and split up all over the country. I was captivated by the walkways leading up to the floors. I liked the cylindrical structure of this one.

An interesting thought provoking location. I have been documenting a forgotten place that has been subject to planning for many years in Norwich. If you want to see more… here is a link to my blog. Labels: Aylesbury estate , Battersea Power Station , torn paper , urban regeneration. Wednesday, 4 November A very successful Private View!

London urban sketchers at last night's PV for their exhibition timberyarduk soho branch pic. Great fun at UrbSketchLondon private view last night timberyarduk soho coffee exhibition urbansketchers new pic. Labels: central London , exhibition , London , Soho , The Art of Urban Sketching , timberyard , urban sketchers london , urban sketches , urban sketching.

Posted by isacarmona-sketches. Labels: borough market , let's draw , London , sketching. Monday, 26 October Drawn of the Dead. One thing I enjoy is drawing movie locations - the more obscure the better. Of course in London there's plenty to discover. I'm also a big fan of Simon Pegg, so with Halloween on the way, I thought it would be a good time to finally sketch some locations from seminal Zom-Com "zombie comedy" Shaun of the Dead. When I moved into the Haringay area 10 months ago, I was excited to learn that a lot of the Shaun movie was shot near where I now live.

The one that grabbed my attention was Shaun's house itself, a few streets away from Crouch End Broadway. The street features in two great identical long takes of Shaun walking from his house to the shop and back, the first time when things are normal, the second when the zombie outbreak has begun. Labels: Archway Bridge , crouch end , edgar wright , halloween , movie locations , nathan brenville , North London , shaun of the dead , simon pegg , sketching buildings. The Urban Sketchers in London Group are holding their fourth annual exhibition at the brand new Soho branch of Timberyard - which opens on 2nd November Some of the original sketches are for sale.

Others will be available as prints. We hope to see you at the Private Event see below and hope you enjoy the exhibition. TY Art Cups are coming. Next week 50, cups in each of these artworks will hit the streets of London PapYourCup pic. Labels: book launch , books , exhibition , timberyard , urban sketchers , urban sketchers london , urban sketches , urban sketching.

The symposium is an annual educational and networking event organized by Urban Sketchers, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the practice of on-location drawing. We'll be talking more about this at a later date. Sketchers of all levels, experience, and backgrounds are welcome! A view of the centre of Manchester from the sky - and south of Manchester Find out more about the International Urban Sketching Symposium The organiser, Simone Ridyard has set up a Facebook Group for all those thinking of coming who may have questions, want advice about travel arrangements, hotels etc.

They're ready for your questions about travel arrangements, hotels etc - just ask a question in the group! Labels: manchester , symposium , urban sketchers , urban sketches , urban sketching. Thursday, 15 October Chelsea and Battersea. I enjoyed a lot the sketch meet last Saturday. It was good to see loads of sketchers along the north bank from Battersea to the Albert Bridge as I approached the meet point.

My first sketches were of the Albert bridge from the north bank and from the bridge itself looking to the east. I liked the connections of the bridge and the careful ribetting. In the afternoon, after our lunchtime meet at the Battersea Pagoda - see group photo - I had time for a sketch of the back of the Fosters Albion building, curvaceous, on the approach to the grungely urban Doodle Bar.

The afternoon meet was lively and expontaneous and everybody mingled and chatted whilst looking at each others work. Labels: albert bridge , Battersea , Isabel Carmona. Sunday, 11 October By Albert Bridge. It was a good mix of subjects, too: as well as a great expanse of the river and Albert Bridge, there was historic and modern architecture.

It's actually the house to the right of the tree — the visible blue plaque is on the house once lived in by Thomas Attwood, a pupil of Mozart and St Paul's organist. There must be more blue plaques in this row than anywhere in London. Brunel lived in a house here, Turner died in one, and George Eliot lived further along. And there are many more besides. Across the river on the Battersea side are the offices of the architects Foster and Partners.

They designed Albion Riverside, the neighbouring development with curvy-lined balconies overlooking the Thames and Cheyne Walk opposite. It was a good day's drawing, although I seemed to spend more time talking than drawing. We all met up at the end of the day at Doodle Bar on Parkgate Road to look at what we'd all done. There was some great work. Well done to Isabel for organising the day. Labels: albert bridge , Battersea , Cheyne walk , james hobbs , London , sketchcrawl.

You can still ask for one - check the link below to find out how Entry forms have also been uploaded as files to the Urban Sketchers London Facebook Group -in Word - in both. Labels: call for entries , exhibition , sketchbook , urban sketchers london , urban sketches. The post includes just some of the images people who have been on London Urban Sketchers 'Let's Draw' sketchcrawls this year. Who can submit sketches? The entry form will ask you which ones you attended. If you want to know whether you are on the list please ask.

We're also very happy for people to make the case for why you might be eligible The entry form will ask you to identify what you've done this year.

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Franco Ribet (Sitio Oficial). likes. Difundir el Folklore Joven en todas partes! "​La Musica es igualdad de cultura para todos ". Franco Ribet (Sitio Oficial) added a new photo. Embed Tweet. Coming soon to @mubiuk: Michel Franco's riveting, suspenseful dystopian drama NEW ORDER, a prizewinner at last month's.