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Poop on chest bet

And I'm not even necessarily talking about the pooping part. I mean, I'm not saying OBJ enjoys girls taking dumps on his chest, but I could imagine that these professional athletes that could literally get any girl on Earth probably need a little something extra to get them going. And on top of that, this story gets even more fishy when you see who the co-hosts of the podcast are.

These two and their friend Slim saw how viral the clip went about how much they support the Phoenix Suns, and 3 weeks later, they were irrelevant again. So what's the best way to get back in the limelight? On episode 2 of the podcast? Well if you look at your Thot Playbook, you'd see that it is to choose one of the biggest celebrities you can think of and tell everyone he likes to get pooped on.

Slim Danger might be a lot of things but she is NOT a fool. This is the quickest path to relevancy in today's world. I sincerely hope that this trend isn't here to stay. It sucks because any girl on the street can make up a rumor and it'll go viral on the internet. And even if it is true, no one should be airing Odell's dirty…. But if it is true, that's all on him. Because a simple rule of thumb is that if you have a pooping fetish, you absolutely HAVE to get a non-disclosure agreement signed.

But, at the same time, I must admit that I kinda hope this trend continues. Because I do love reading the replies each time a girl plays pin the tail on the donkey like this and randomly selects a celebrity to expose…. The girls pees on the guys chest and face. After that the guy starts peeing in the girl face and mouth. She starts shitting a lot of liquid shit on his chest and face. He smears that shit after…. She takes a lot shit on his chest and dick.

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Seeking out an alternative provider might be your best bet, especially if you feel that your current provider is not taking you seriously. Good luck, this sounds like an awful experience to be going through. My sister had the same symptoms for 3 months up north.

She came to Florida and the Dr in Fl. They operated the following week and removed the mass and she is now on chemo. My brother has been going through this exact same situation for 4 months and yes your right, all the doctors do is give you constipation pills and send you away. You need to seriously go to the ER and start there. Demand a colonoscopy, best place to start. I wish you get well wishes. And that they diagnose your problem as soon as possible.

My moms bowel ruptured She did throw up fecal matter. She was in ICU for 13 days and finally died. Take this very serious. My mum has had a bowel obstruction and after many hours in surgery is ok today but she had distinct change in bowel movement. She was hugely constipated and. I was in that condition since I was a kid, nobody ever helped me. I buy it in Costco, that has saved my life, you can try 1 three times a day, she told me 6 a day, it was too much.. One thing I have to say this has saved my life I was like you and worse since a baby so I would hope you would go out and get them for yourself.

A friend told me to take Vitamin B6. You would be surprised how well it works. You can start with two, but as soon as your bowels move, go back down to one. I have cancer, diabetes, and a few other health problems. The meds can cause constipation or diarrhea. I tried stool softeners and Miralax, but they only work when you least expect it. The vitamin B6 was a Godsend for my friend. She was being scheduled for surgery, but a doctor told her about the B6, and it really worked for her.

My brother is going through the same thing. Have you ever thought maybe you have fecal impaction your stool might be rock hard and only small pieces are breaking off …alot of G. I doctors will keep giving you prescription for laxatives and stool softeners there must be something that they can do in the office I herd they can put a hose and flush out the hard stools maybe you have i. I have type 6 poop still from one year. I am 26 year old. Is it is serious issue?

I also start hair fall from that point. Great info! Thank you, this clears up a lot of questions that I would be too shy to discuss with my Dr??? My son is 2 years 6 months old. When feeding him , I have realised that he swallows his foods without chewing. And for the past 2 months , he has been passing Stool after 3 days each time and by the sounds he makes one can tell its painful.

The poo always looks hard in one big chunk. Please help. I realise that i stay 2to3 days before getting to toilet and i have a had stool and sometimes have headache. I can have all of them in same day! I have IBSD but I literally can go back and forth from one extreme to the other or hit everything in between.

I just want to have a normal bowel! Jenny have you ever tried a pro biotic? I used to have the same issues and found some supplements that completely took that away! Also I went to the doctor and had a full stool analysis and all they say is take fiber and probiotics. I try to eat a healthy diet, but my stomach is so sensitive it seems that when I eat for hard stools I go straight to diarrhea and when I eat for soft stools I go straight to constipation.

No medium ground! What do i do? Hey, all my life, I have never went to the bathroom Every day, was not a problem until after I had my first kid, I was always bloated and would take ex lax and go through the pain before anything would finally happen and I would feel better for only like two days! And I go everyday, sometimes twice! Also, I have to eat it for my dinner because if I eat for breakfast, I do get bloated!

And it has mad me loose weight, plus!!!!! You forgot to indicate that 1 could be a result of an obstruction in the colon which could be a polyp, but could also be cancer. I have only been going number once every week and a half, and when I do go its always bright green. I heard green poop usually means your food went through you too fast, but like I said, its been over a week each time and its bright green, pretty thin, and has a horrible God awful smell to it. I am diabetic, and have a lot of pain in my back all the time lately.

Any help would be great. I have an app to see my endocrinologist later this month, but until then, can anyone give me some advice? Have you ever heard of or tried Plexus? It sounds like just what you need! The triplex combination balances your blood sugar wonderful for diabetics and the probiotic and Biocleanse get your gut health restored, so you can be back in balance, get regular in a healthy and gentle way. The TriPlex is what I starting taking over a year ago too!

Plexus is NOT the cure to everything as the plexus ambassadors suggest! In fact, no pyramid scheme will clean your colon, but they [including plexus] will surely clean out your wallet! Both are very common for long-term diabetics. I pray this helps you! I have been having problems going to the toilet. It is paste like and rabbit like droppings, intermittently.

When I do go it takes ages to wipe clean due to being paste like. Also I have to assist by putting a finger inside my vagina and pushing the poo out. Also I get a feeling of never emptying. I take 20omg of thyroxine and I do take sweaters. Which I am going to now stop. Hi Marian. I hv same as you. But my stool are round. I take a stool softener everyday. It helps for BM to slide on out. Yes, sometimes I feel I need to still go!

Maybe once a month, It will happen. If yu find anything better, let me know. Hey my daughter is 17 and one day she got sick having to go back fourth everyday. She would use the bathroom then next five minutes she had to go back. And you can hear loud sounds her stomach make. If know anything please help. Thank you this was very helpful. I was a bit scared about the problem I have but only because I had cancer.

I recently lost swallowed an expensive crown on a front tooth. And had to look for it. Ill skip the details. But I noticed exactly half of the clump on the newspaper contained chocolate chip looking pellets. What could this be a symptom of? I am a 56 year old male. I do not smoke. I workout and lift weights and am in good shape. They could actually be chocolate chips if you ate some of course. Sometimes my poop contains actual leaves of lettuce in it after I eat salad.

Chewed up little pieces of lettuce. Maybe something similar is happening? You actually see yourself passing green leaves because the body has no way to break down cellulose, the main component of greens. My 19 year old daughter has been going through a tough time and we are running out of ideas. Starting 5 years ago she went through anorexia which she has come through very well. She started eating healthy working out and then got on the high protein diet and after a year got into a bit of trouble she became constipated and was having to manually help herself go to the bathroom then she developed a pocket in her rectom and then she developed a rectal prolapse that has since eased slightly.

She was constipated for 6 months before she told us because we had told her to back off on the protein but she disnt. She has tried psyllium husk, garlic and coconut oil suppositories, some silver liquid stuff her and my wife found on line. Her poop comes out in little balls and she still has to help them come out sometimes with a enima sometimes her fingers he has done a body cleanse and went and had colonic for 3 months.

She is on a cleanse to rid her body of yeast. We have done the internet research. High fiber, lots of water, to much water is bad dilutes the electrolytes, eating coconut oil on things, olive oil only eats fish and chicken no carbs has cut out about all sugar. Eats veggies and fruit almond butter fruit smoothes for awhile probiotics magnesium supplements and powders.

Some of the things I have mentioned are out of order but just wanted to list many things we have tried. If anyone has any ideas please email me we are desperate she is very depressed just wants to poop normal this kid has not had a normal life for the last 5 years. Please help we are desperate!!!! Hi Mike- I have had digestive issues for years after working through anorexia myself, but have finally found relief after making some changes.

Many of my symptoms I used to deal with sound exactly like what your daughter is going through. Here are some of the things that have been helpful to me:. I found out that whey, eggs, and cucumber of all things! Wangen helped me with the testing and probiotics. It sounds like a functional problem, not a stool quality problem am I right? Her stools may be in good shape but the rectum suffers. They should be able to help with this as part of the problem becomes muscular. Also look up Jini Patel, she has great information.

If I were her, I would forget the squatty Potty, but instead lay toilet paper or paper towel on the bathroom floor then squat on the floor when she feels the more is ready and practice belly breathing through the stool. Making an O shape with the mouth is good look up sphincter law. Best wishes! Drink prune juice on empty stomach. First thing in the morning.. Half cup works for me.. Activia yogurt with probiotics and nuts daily.. Consult your doctor..

Does she eat soy, dairy or gluten or sesame? I realized early on I was lactose intolerant and that in general my body seems to be unable to break down the protein in milk caisen. I also realized after a while that I was gluten intolerance. I could barely use the bathroom before I got rid of gluten and while I felt partially better but I was still constipated and had trouble using the bathroom.

I think I was also suffering from malnutrition. After I took out these three things But mainly soy and gluten I was using the times a day. I would suggest she try and eliminate one of those as those are foods that cause problems for a lot of people.

Also look into anatto. Thank you for the insight. I have been having problems once again for the last few months already have omitted most soy along with the gluten which help for the longest time. But once again having a hard time going more then not. I will be deleting all soy.

Also look into other possibilities. Oh, i also read that food intolerances which can cause digestive issues like constipation can be caused by enzyme definciency so I would look into that. Try to use flax seeds you can boil it for 5 min and drink it warm or just put in a bowl 4 spoons and cover with warm water let it soak for 10 min and eat, the best result eat on empty stomach in the morning.

Try Vitamin B6. A friend told me about it. She was getting ready to have surgery because she had so much trouble, and a doctor told her not to do the surgery, and take the vitamin. It works. I tried it. The meds I take cause different symptoms some cause diarrhea, some cause constipation, etc. I tried the Vitamin B6, and I was surprised how well it works. I told my oncologist and his assistants, and they were excited.

They have so many patients who need help, and the B6 works. What a great site to come to to help those discuss such a topic. My story is that ever since i started taking pain medication, it hardened my stool and have had to use something to benefit me with having bowel movements.

Maralax is what i use and have for many years. I had a kidney removed due to cancer in January It was a seven hour surgery. I lost a lot of blood and had to have a tranfusion as well as iron and shots in my stomach to stimulate red blood cells from my bone marrow. Before they would release me i had to have a bowel movement and be able to walk. I had a huge bowel movement and with the help of a walker, walked about ten feet.

When i got home, the numbness in my legs and feet were still an issue. I got out of bed not asking for help to go empty my cathetar bag and tried using my cane rather than my walker. Big mistake, i fell backwards and fractured my tailbone. Had xrays showing it fractured. As far as the size? Could it be nerve damage from my fractrured tail bone? I still have a movement once a day, sometimes twice. Fighting for my life. Get the questions answered and my colon and rectum checked out to see what exactly is going on.

Just scared! Time to pull my big panties up and go do what i know is the inevitable. Thanks for listening. Any feedback is welcome. Has anyone ever dealt with anal stenosis? What are your symptoms and or issues with it? Hi Sharon, just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your story here. It really inspires me and others to keep pushing on and to be motivated to do whatever we must to survive and take care of our health.

First, congratulations for your survival of the two beasts that you battled and won! Those are not easy things to accomplish! Good job! A Get your colonoscopy done!! Early detection makes all the difference in the world!! Sometimes that nasty C-word is just looking for a place to land, and we just have to make sure we catch it and not let it take hold!

Now—B Use the right equipment that you have available to you, and please ask for help! That broken tailbone is no joke, as well you now know. I broke mine rollerskating years ago, when I was a teenager who thought I was invincible, like all teenagers. Please take good care of yourself.

I hope you are doing well. I just saw this post on Pinterest, and wanted to give you my Mama lecture. Take care…. Hello, thank you so much for this site!! So maybe someone can give me some advice as to what to do.

I have chronic constipation due to a medication I take called buprenorphine. For 6yrs I have gone once maybe twice a week. It has never become painful. My problem worrying me now, is that over the period of about 3 weeks, my stools have changed to I would say a number 5,light tan, with no odor. Two things worrying me are that when I go to pee or change clothes, I have poop on my panties and I never even felt it happen.

Also I have gained almost 10 lbs in 3 weeks. My stomach, which has always been proportionate to my figure, now looks 8months pregnant. I can sit on the toilet and push and push trying to have a be, and it all just squishes up inside my butt cheeks and makes a horriblemess. I am a stay home mom and I was very sedentary, ate heavy greedy foods and not enough water. If anyone had an idea of whatmight be wrong with me, and what I can do at home to help make my gut regular again, I would appreciate your help so much!

Have a blessed day everyone! I would definitely recommend a plant based diet to help give your body the nutrients and fiber it needs to clean itself out. Joel Furman, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Collin Campbell all have great research and books on this. Hope this helps! I had a bad constipation problem from taking methadone. I found magnesium solution and laxatives to help me. Try eating salads that go right down. Also take a stool softener once daily as well as 2 tablespoons of castor oil to get you back on track.

I would suggest going to a doctor for a CAT scan on your lower abdomen. Sounds like you may have a bow obstructioN! I just got out of the hospital a few weeks back because of that. The light colored stool is a clue. Try this: take a magnesium citrate, if possible pill or capsule. Wait about 1 hour. Then drink a cup of coffee. See if that helps. Usually, it makes bile sludge go through.

Second, if you are constipated, I would recommend coconut capsules. They work great. Or, if you have Virgin Coconut Oil, you can put 1 T. Add more fiber to your diet. Be very careful of adding fiber. This is not a solution for everyone. For those that have gut issues, much of the time, there is inflammation, and certain types of fiber are very difficult to digest.

Second, I would not ask for advice on diagnosis here. You MUST go see a doctor, as many diseases and situations have the same, or similar symptoms. Lose of hair? That is malabsorption of minerals and vitamins. Usually due to inflammation in the gut. It can be a symptom of many different things. Veggies, no…so, be careful. Could be a number of things as well…including Anemia, Mono, Thyroid. So many have tiredness as a symptom. Go see a doctor.

Anything with bowel, colon or digestion is serious. Not worth waiting as it usually only gets worse. I found lately if I eat chicken or turkey that is not Organic that I develop both those problems. Went to Organic meats mostly for the last 5 years. Once in awhile while traveling or eating out I will get into having that problem again and find I have got lazy checking the ingredients. Even chicken broth not Organic will make me look 6 months pregnant within 15 minutes of eating.

Also I can not have MSG it travels through my system so fast nothing gets processed 20 minutes I better find a bathroom. I had severe constipation as a kid. It got so bad that I would go months without going. I was in terrible pain and had to be hospitalised many times to have it mechanically removed. Then I got appendicitis and once I had that removed, my bowel completely cleared up.

So ask your doctor to check out your appendix if they have checked everything else and you have severe chronic constipation. About 10 years ago, in my early 20s, I developed what I can only describe as irritable bowel. The rest of my goes are all water with peas and corn and chickpeas etc floating and up to 20 times a day. It gets so hard to cope so I use a load of Imodium. After the 24 hour or so break it starts up again. Not a period. And then last week I started getting this horrible nausea and full feeling in my stomach that is killing my appetite.

A sudden change in my diet these past 4 or 5 days because of it. For Hayley — consider a full reproductive exam by a cert. What an awesome site to find. I have for some years been lactose intolorant and anything concerning dairy products usually gives me diarrhea. Some medications make me constipated. This post has been a great help. Thank you so much for caring enough to write about this. So I started getting sick to my stomach any thought I was catching a cold. This was a Monday well my head cold went away the very next morning but then my stomach growled non stop for a full day I still had normal poops then Wednesday at 4am I rushed to the restroom and had diarrhea all day and also thru up three different times color of poop was normal.

Thursday I wake up and I was feeling pretty good was able to expand my distance from the towlet and I thought I was fine. I rehydrated my self with plenty of water and even eat a decent meal. Used bathroom no exasperation more than 30 times all pale and like water except for the last one which was about 2. I have always taken pride almost in the fact I always have had good poops normal tecture and that normal brown poop color with little smell.

Hoping someone can help me with this. I know this all comes back to my hypochondria, and that I often will psychologically make myself use the bathroom because of the anxiety of wondering if I will. I know, odd lol. I usually will only go once or twice a day, if that. I think I know the cause after doing some research, but it still stresses me out every month that my stomach will become upset.

Have you checked gluten intolerance or celiac desease? My wife has celiac — she have diarrhea every time she eats gluten rich food. She noticed it after few years of searching. About a year ago I was also diagnosed hypochondria and kept struggling with the fear of stomach issues. I hated it when all those people told me that I might have some type of disease but actually I was quite normal. I eat or drink whatever I want to, and I no longer care about my bowel movements—I got over it myself, but even physiologists failed to heal me haha.

Remember that having hypochondria is like breaking the fake sense of safety that you have lived with, and once it is broken you find it so hard to heal again. So at first I refused to believe that I have no disease, so I went to the hospital and had a thorough CT scan and a stool test. For me it turned out to be soooo helpful, and I stopped worrying about it for like a month. The second thing is, try to get together with your friends, I know being with others could be painful for you sometimes, but you have to.

Because by getting together with my friends, I know that they are also getting tummy ache, they also sometimes feel gassy, they also sometimes throw up and have abnormal stools. They are the same as me!!!!!!!! So it took me 7months to forget thoroughly about my guts and how my tummy feels. You are probably a perfectionist and very sensitive, so try forcing yourself not to seek for help on random websites, because very few people understand hypochondria and it could probably make the condition worse.

Sorry for bad English, email me if you have further questions, and hope that my answer helped!! I am going through the same thing! Anxiety with bowel movements! I am usually always number five. I have lost eighty lbs and changed my diet! The doctors say nothing is wrong , they say add more fiber to my diet.

I truly understand the anxiety and the Lord is what gets me through. My grandson is Autistic. He a 2, poops every days. I have done reward charts, he hates to poop. Hi Donna, I have an autistic son also. When he was diagnosed he was 3. We started seeing a specialist shortly after he was diagnosed the medical practice is based on biomedical and biochemical methods.

When we first starting see Dr. We did stool testing and abdominal x-rays. He advised that this is typical with his autistic patients. After months of treatment just focusing on his digestion we noticed changes to our sons eye contact, focus, ability to engage, sleep, control over his body, etc.

When we started he was almost completely non verbal and was now starting to speak 3 word sentences. Fixing his bowels is credited with one of the most profound improvements in our son. My daughter, who is typical, had painful poops and did this which only made it more painful.

Once we fixed her diet and it was no longer so painful she stopped holding it. I hope this was helpful. I have some good Autism resources I am happy to share them with you if you like them. Very good article it teaches you a lot of important information on our Poop health. I learned a lot of good things I needed to know Thanks.

I drink 30 grams of protein every day in a smoothie, I eat healthy and my bowel movements are great. When nothing is there I save a tree and put back on the rolll!!!!!! Michael, I am glad you cleared that up issue up for us. The tree will grow. It will not begrudge your use of some TP which it has produced already, for your use. Thanks for making this page! I appreciate the information. I am almost 27 and have gastroparesis. I have to strain constantly to get the poo out and its always a I have a question if someone could answer it: what does whole food like peas coming out mean?

Is that related to gastroparesis? Thanks for reading this and answering my question if you can! Have a great evening! I also have Gastroparesis, Slow Motion Gut and other issues as a result of having a bowel tumour and part of my small intestine removed years ago.

Use a panty liner, just move it back a bit. Straining to poo will not help with the gastroparesis. This will help by lining up your Bowel properly and gravity. Although they say you should not sit on the toilet too long as it can cause haemorrhoids, if you have gastroparesis, you have no option. I sit twice a day early morning and just before bedtime , as a routine, for about 30 minutes, every day. Good luck, gastroparesis is horrible to live with, but once you work out how to manage it and accept it, it gets easier.

Holidays are difficult but having an understanding partner and family make it worth while. Daily pooper, sometimes twice. I am regular and within the same 2 to 3 hour time frame daily. My poop color is a healthy medium brown and long. I use Sea Moss as part of my diet which is a great digestion aid and is very good for the thyroid. I am a number 5 going at least 3 or more times a day. The color is brown. I have had test done which comes back normal.

It really is hurting my lifestyle. Any suggestions? My poo is number one on the list. Small hard balls. This has been going on for 18 months and only go times a week. Doctors gave me this horrible sweet liquid to take but didnt help. Water intake is different for each person. The guide is 1 oz of water per 2 lbs of weight. That breaks down into 8 8oz glasses, and almost another full 8oz glass. Hey I just have a question.

My poo has been number 5 sloppy for a long time. I tend to go to the toilet about times a day. Any thoughts? Joe, I sympathize with you. I hope we can get some answers. Thank you for sharing this information. What would you suggest for someone who has Gastroparesis?

Also, are there any raw vegetables that I can consume besides watermelon and bananas. I love onions, but my dietician has asked me to not eat anything raw, except for the watermelon or bananas. My poop is 1 the majority of the times. My stomach is constantly bloated and hurting.

Sometimes, I can barely eat much of anything and, it will still hurt even if I drink water. Thanks in advance. Delores, I also have gastroparesis. I think perhaps you need to see a Gastroenterologist with regard to your diet. For gastroparesis, you clearly should be eating a high insoluble fibre diet — which includes RAW vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds etc.

With you having other health problems, I cannot recommend just eating what I have said works well for gastroparesis as you have other health issues. Do refer to my previous reply on gastroparesis above though. I have been a consistent 5 through 7 for going on 15 years now. I am lactose intolerant, gluten sensitive, and have chronic diarrhea. And still can not find anything wrong with me. It is terrible and frustrating.

I drink tons of tea, take plenty of herbal medicines, and take a wonderful probiotic. My mother-in-law had chronic diarrhea all the time and I found out the meat she was eatting which she received from her brother the dairy farmer was very old! I told her she was poisoning her body by eatting it. Please be sure all foods you are eatting are fresh, not outdated. Both of you should into GAPS diet. There is no such thing as IBS. Well, no, not even true…. So, look it up! Your Gastro does not want you to know this!

It is true that illnesses start in the gut. Everyone should detox your gut plus do a parasitic detox. It talks about effects of wheat on our digestive system. Brian, I can relate. Have suffered same for years with no help coming from conventional medicine. After some time, I started having cramps and the runs. It took about a week off of the stuff and the difference was extraordinary. All those smoothies with the whey protein were killing me! Also, milk from Jersey cows.

You have to watch everything. Good luck, hope this helps you as much as it did me. It sounds like you are unable to absorb minerals and vitamins properly. Diarrhea can also be part of inflammation in the gut. As long as u have ibs, u willl never be cured. This was a great article and explained poop very well. I need some advice, though. At first I thought it was because I became lactose intolerant. It made sense for awhile and it went back to normal 4 , but lately it went back to 1.

I only drink glasses of water a day but Ive been like that forever and this bowel movement BM pattern only started in January. It looks like constipation but from what? I have a BM almost every day. Long post but any ideas what this could mean?? Same problem,try these two over the counter healthy meds. Citrucel and Align. Drink 6 glasses at least of water a day,you will be pleasantly surprised.

Look into the GAPS diet! Totally transformed my health. You can eat a ton of really healthy food, but if your gut bacteria is not good and you have leaky gut, your body will not absorb the nutrients. Shelli, just wanted some advice please as I note that you refer to bugs and bad bacteria are you still posting?

Everyone should be drinking 8 glasses of water per day, at a minimum! And may sink slowly. Unhealthy, no , that has excess toxins post fever, diarrhoea, food poisoing etc or excess fat diabetic, obese, fat metabolism is bad will usually float ON the surface of the water.

When u flush this, u will find the waste flushes at the very end. I hope this clarifies further. Thank you for the helpful article. I have been having this problem for two years which started with constipation then bloating, incomplete evacuation and very rarely diarrhea. My stool morphology also changed in these two years it became smaller and discontinuous. I too had symptoms like you. For a 2 year period difficulty passing, small and discontinuous and feeling of constipation and not feeling completely empty.

After a physical doctor requested a CT scan which found a large mass in my colon. I was diagnosed with colon cancer in Feb This is no joke. Please get a complete physical. I would start with cleaning liver. Or liver ultrasound if it really aches on the right upper side. Your left iliac is where your sigmoid colon which is the bit shaped like an s. Its called an impacted colon. I would hope your symptoms are that instead of a mass but regardless you definitely should get checked. The procedure might even be non-invasive.

Was on Questran after gallbladder out and could not afford but can now. Would like to take as needed. About twice weekly have to take 3 tbsp. About twice a week will take 2 to 8 hours to get stool out. Thinking questran may help as like yellow watery stool around formed stool. Any help appreciated. In my seventies. How much water a person drinks could easily make a them go from 1 to 4, or 4 to 7, on the scale.

So try changing how much water you drink before you start worrying and head to a doctor for a bunch of tests. Sterling, so true! In the past three days I have saturated myself with water and my poop comes out easier, more formed!

An amazing difference, not waking up three times for pains of poop not going thru and out! I just sleep til I wake up needing to poop. If you really tart to notice, the more emotions you are able to freely express the easier your time will be in this area. I have dealt with chronic constipation my entire life. I have also had suppressed childhood trauma my entire life. There is a definite connection…you absolutely have to express yourself.

If you suppress your emotions, you will deal with that pain in one way or another through chronic pain or an autoimmune disorder, etc. You know, whenever I get really scared or anxious, I feel like going poop. And I do. So if anyone is constipated, an option is to watch or do something that scares you to death, and then you might poop. It might not be the case for some people but it happens to me. Alfalfa tablets! A few daily make a world of difference, especially if you are lacking in the fiber dept.

I believe all illnesses start in the gut.. I had the same incident about 2yrs ago. Turns out that I had been taking to many antibiotics within an 8 month time frame, and what that does is kills off your bodies natural bacteria so when your antibiotics eventually wear off your body will not produce it back fast enough and leaves your intestinal track mainly the colon vulnerable to infections.

So after I went through the bloody and black stools with yellow and milky like fluids and all of the pain from my abdomen down to the exit. So now my doctor has me on Apriso extended release capsules which has helped alot and this year I went for another colonoscopy and I am happy to say that the Ulcers were almost gone. So now every morning I will take my Apriso, 1 acidophilus, and 3, units of vitamin D and it makes me have better stools and had actually proven that vitamin D helps the symptoms.

I hope this was informative for you and that the doctor figures out what I wrong. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us! Have a great weekend! Stay safe! Thanks again!?? I you d your blog on Pinterest and found it to be very informative. I am diabetic and obese. Then things turned worse. I was all over the charts due to medications prescribed.

Fast forward, I took my health into my own hands and started researching how to reverse my diabetes type 2. I going that avoiding sugar and carbs has helped. Not a surprise. However, getting things done naturally works better than medication. This does NOT mean you go without a medication you really need. It means the dosage may be lowered by eating the foods that help cure the problem.

Always consult with your Dr. But research and try natural foods to help. Not meaning supplements. Awesome Blog and discussions! Im also diabetic and obese. What foods are you eating? Trying to get better about what goes in the body. Get protein from veggies, particularly peas and beans, which help with digestion and pooping as well. Read up on this online too. You will feel better after a few weeks of the vinegar and water, too.

So, it good to see a doctor. In addition, other medications may cause or exacerbate the constipation. Ours is a country relying on significant Rx to address chronic diseases and one of the side-effects is unfortunately chronic constipation. Cramps like crazy. I could not eat anything I was not hungry. I am not having mucus discharge and still not half way bowel movement. I have alot of gas. The same thing happened to me and also my daughter.

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