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Bet movies on netflix february 2019

Directed By: Martin Scorsese. Critics Consensus: Oh, hai Mark. Directed By: James Franco. Critics Consensus: Led by a committed performance from Julian Barratt, Mindhorn offers audiences a laugh-out-loud comedy whose sublime silliness is enhanced by its more thoughtful moments.

Critics Consensus: Icarus is eye-opening viewing for professional sports enthusiasts, yet it should also prove thoroughly gripping even for filmgoers who might not necessarily be drawn to the subject. Starring: Bryan Fogel , Grigory Rodchenkov. Directed By: Bryan Fogel.

Directed By: Chris Smith. Critics Consensus: Into the Inferno finds director Werner Herzog observing some of the most beautiful -- and terrifying -- wonders of the natural world with his signature blend of curiosity and insight. Directed By: Werner Herzog. Critics Consensus: Set It Up follows the long-established outlines of the rom-com template -- and in the process, proves there's still substantial pleasure to be wrought from familiar formulas.

Directed By: Claire Scanlon. Critics Consensus: Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese lives up to its unwieldy title with a delightfully unorthodox look at a pivotal period in its subject's career. Critics Consensus: Fyre smolders with agonizing tension when a party in paradise goes awry, but this slickly assembled documentary reserves its greatest horror for damning observations about the dangers of wealth.

Critics Consensus: Dreamlike and haunting, We the Animals approaches the coming-of-age odyssey with a uniquely documentarian eye. Directed By: Jeremiah Zagar. Critics Consensus: The Endless benefits from its grounded approach to an increasingly bizarre story, elevated by believable performances by filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. Critics Consensus: Beasts of No Nation finds writer-director Cary Fukunaga working with a talented cast to offer a sobering, uncompromising, yet still somehow hopeful picture of war's human cost.

Directed By: Cary Joji Fukunaga. Critics Consensus: This is a piercingly honest, acidly witty look at divorce and its impact on a family. Directed By: Noah Baumbach. Critics Consensus: The Meyerowitz Stories New and Selected observes the family dynamic through writer-director Noah Baumbach's bittersweet lens and the impressive efforts of a remarkable cast.

Critics Consensus: Widely touted as a masterpiece, this sparse and sprawling epic about the underhanded "heroes" of capitalism boasts incredible performances by leads Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano, and is director Paul Thomas Anderson's best work to date. Directed By: Paul Thomas Anderson.

Critics Consensus: A visual treat filled out by consistently stellar work from Robert Pattinson, Good Time is a singularly distinctive crime drama offering far more than the usual genre thrills. Critics Consensus: Fierce energy and ambition course through Da 5 Bloods, coming together to fuel one of Spike Lee's most urgent and impactful films. Directed By: Spike Lee.

Critics Consensus: Uncut Gems reaffirms the Safdies as masters of anxiety-inducing cinema -- and proves Adam Sandler remains a formidable dramatic actor when given the right material. Critics Consensus: Hush navigates the bloody waters of home invasion thrillers and incisive slashers for a contemporary horror puree.

Critics Consensus: Sand Storm marks an impressive first feature for debuting writer-director Elite Zexer that offers a perceptive -- and crucial -- look at patriarchal traditions. Directed By: Elite Zexer. Critics Consensus: Beautifully animated and faithful to the spirit of its classic source material, The Little Prince is a family-friendly treat that anchors thrilling visuals with a satisfying story.

Directed By: Mark Osborne. Critics Consensus: Smart and suspenseful, CAM is a techno-thriller that's far more than the sum of its salacious parts -- and an outstanding showcase for Madeline Brewer in the leading role. Directed By: Daniel Goldhaber. Critics Consensus: Wildlife's portrait of a family in crisis is beautifully composed by director Paul Dano -- and brought brilliantly to life by a career-best performance from Carey Mulligan. Directed By: Paul Dano. Critics Consensus: Hugo is an extravagant, elegant fantasy with an innocence lacking in many modern kids' movies, and one that emanates an unabashed love for the magic of cinema.

Critics Consensus: Badass to the max, Enter the Dragon is the ultimate kung-fu movie and fitting if untimely Bruce Lee swan song. Directed By: Robert Clouse. Critics Consensus: A superbly-mounted adaptation of E. Directed By: James Ivory. Critics Consensus: Beautiful hand-drawn animation and a humorous, heartwarming narrative make Klaus an instant candidate for holiday classic status.

Starring: Jason Schwartzman , J. Simmons , Rashida Jones , Will Sasso. Directed By: Sergio Pablos. Critics Consensus: Beautifully filmed and inventively choreographed, Shadow is a thrilling and visually sumptuous wuxia epic that finds director Zhang Yimou near peak form. Directed By: Zhang Yimou. Critics Consensus: Private Life uses one couple's bumpy journey to take an affecting look at an easily identifiable - and too rarely dramatized - rite of adult passage.

Directed By: Tamara Jenkins. Critics Consensus: Natalia Dyer's charming performance -- and writer-director Karen Maine's sensitive work -- will leave audiences saying Yes, God, Yes to this coming-of-age dramedy. Directed By: Karen Maine. Critics Consensus: Passionate and powerfully acted, Fruitvale Station serves as a celebration of life, a condemnation of death, and a triumph for star Michael B. Starring: Michael B. Directed By: Ryan Coogler.

Critics Consensus: Snowpiercer offers an audaciously ambitious action spectacular for filmgoers numb to effects-driven blockbusters. Directed By: Bong Joon Ho. Critics Consensus: Shaped by Todd Haynes' deft direction and powered by a strong cast led by Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, Carol lives up to its groundbreaking source material.

Directed By: Todd Haynes. Critics Consensus: Observing a splintering union with compassion and expansive grace, the powerfully acted Marriage Story ranks among writer-director Noah Baumbach's best works. Critics Consensus: Brilliantly brought to life by tenderly empathetic performances from Jay Duplass and Edie Falco, Outside In tells a sobering -- yet thoroughly absorbing -- story.

Directed By: Lynn Shelton. Critics Consensus: This classic low budget horror film combines just the right amount of gore and black humor, giving The Evil Dead an equal amount of thrills and laughs. Directed By: Sam Raimi. Critics Consensus: One of the more cutting-edge films of the s, this religious farce from the classic comedy troupe is as poignant as it is funny and satirical.

Directed By: Terry Jones. Critics Consensus: Funny, informative, and occasionally sad, Good Hair is a provocative look at the complex relationship between African Americans and their hair. Starring: Chris Rock. Directed By: Jeff Stilson. Critics Consensus: The Breadwinner's stunning visuals are matched by a story that dares to confront sobering real-life issues with uncommon -- and richly rewarding -- honesty. Directed By: Nora Twomey.

Critics Consensus: Burning patiently lures audiences into a slow-burning character study that ultimately rewards the viewer's patience -- and subverts many of their expectations. Directed By: Chang-dong Lee. Critics Consensus: Clever, charming, and heartfelt, The Muppets is a welcome big screen return for Jim Henson's lovable creations that will both win new fans and delight longtime devotees.

Directed By: James Bobin. Critics Consensus: Pan's Labyrinth is Alice in Wonderland for grown-ups, with the horrors of both reality and fantasy blended together into an extraordinary, spellbinding fable. Directed By: Guillermo del Toro. Directed By: Armando Iannucci. Critics Consensus: Casino Royale disposes of the silliness and gadgetry that plagued recent James Bond outings, and Daniel Craig delivers what fans and critics have been waiting for: a caustic, haunted, intense reinvention of Directed By: Martin Campbell.

Critics Consensus: Restless, visually sleek, and powered by a lithe star performance from Jake Gyllenhaal, Nightcrawler offers dark, thought-provoking thrills. Directed By: Dan Gilroy. Critics Consensus: A crowd-pleasing tribute to the magic of silent cinema, The Artist is a clever, joyous film with delightful performances and visual style to spare. Directed By: Michel Hazanavicius. Critics Consensus: An epic gangster drama that earns its extended runtime, The Irishman finds Martin Scorsese revisiting familiar themes to poignant, funny, and profound effect.

Critics Consensus: With warmth and affection, I Am Divine offers an engaging portrait of the complex personality behind a trailblazing cinematic figure. Directed By: Jeffrey Schwarz. Critics Consensus: To All the Boys I've Loved Before plays by the teen rom-com rules, but relatable characters and a thoroughly charming cast more than make up for a lack of surprises.

Directed By: Susan Johnson. Critics Consensus: Beautifully animated and utterly unique, I Lost My Body takes audiences on a singularly strange journey whose unexpected contours lead to a wholly satisfying destination. Critics Consensus: American Factory takes a thoughtful -- and troubling -- look at the dynamic between workers and employers in the 21st-century globalized economy. Critics Consensus: A must-see film for movie lovers, this Martin Scorsese masterpiece is as hard-hitting as it is compelling, with Robert De Niro at his best.

Critics Consensus: Hard-hitting and stylish, GoodFellas is a gangster classic -- and arguably the high point of Martin Scorsese's career. Critics Consensus: It covers familiar sports documentary territory, but Undefeated proves there are still powerful stories to be told on the high school gridiron.

Brown , Chavis Daniels. Directed By: Dan Lindsay , T. Critics Consensus: Menashe offers an intriguing look at a culture whose unfamiliarity to many viewers will be rendered irrelevant by the story's universally affecting themes and thoughtful approach. Directed By: Joshua Z. Critics Consensus: Smart, stripped-down, and thrillingly grim, Blue Ruin proves that a well-told revenge story can still leave its audience on the edge of their seat.

Directed By: Jeremy Saulnier. Critics Consensus: An unpredictable supernatural drama rooted in real-world social commentary, Atlantique suggests a thrillingly bright future for debuting filmmaker Mati Diop. Critics Consensus: With help from a strong performance by Leonardo DiCaprio as real-life wunderkind con artist Frank Abagnale, Steven Spielberg crafts a film that's stylish, breezily entertaining, and surprisingly sweet.

Directed By: Steven Spielberg. Critics Consensus: The Florida Project offers a colorfully empathetic look at an underrepresented part of the population that proves absorbing even as it raises sobering questions about modern America. Critics Consensus: Impeccably scripted, beautifully directed, and filled with fine performances, The Social Network is a riveting, ambitious example of modern filmmaking at its finest.

Directed By: David Fincher. Critics Consensus: Pick of the Litter has all the fluffy adorableness audiences expect from a puppy documentary, along with a story that's as edifying as it is heartwarming. Critics Consensus: A cult classic as gut-bustingly hilarious as it is blithely ridiculous, Monty Python and the Holy Grail has lost none of its exceedingly silly charm. Critics Consensus: 13th strikes at the heart of America's tangled racial history, offering observations as incendiary as they are calmly controlled.

Directed By: Ava DuVernay. Critics Consensus: Mudbound offers a well-acted, finely detailed snapshot of American history whose scenes of rural class struggle resonate far beyond their period setting. Blige , Rob Morgan. Directed By: Dee Rees. Critics Consensus: The charmingly offbeat Hunt for the Wilderpeople unites a solid cast, a talented filmmaker, and a poignant, funny, deeply affecting message.

Directed By: Taika Waititi. Directed By: Craig Brewer. Critics Consensus: Spotlight gracefully handles the lurid details of its fact-based story while resisting the temptation to lionize its heroes, resulting in a drama that honors the audience as well as its real-life subjects. Critics Consensus: A fresh, funny coming-of-age story rooted in realistic characters and anchored with a meaningful message, Rocks is as solid as its title suggests. Directed By: Sarah Gavron.

Critics Consensus: Beychella forever. Critics Consensus: Like the cheekily named store at this documentary's center, Circus of Books proves there are countless stories below the surface if we're only willing to look.

Directed By: Rachel Mason. Whose Streets? Critics Consensus: Whose Streets? Directed By: Sabaah Folayan. Critics Consensus: The Forty-Year-Old Version opens a compelling window into the ebbs and flows of the artist's life -- and announces writer-director-star Radha Blank as a major filmmaking talent with her feature debut.

Scott , Peter Kim. Critics Consensus: Moonlight uses one man's story to offer a remarkable and brilliantly crafted look at lives too rarely seen in cinema. Critics Consensus: Under the Shadow deftly blends seemingly disparate genres to deliver an effective chiller with timely themes and thought-provoking social subtext. Directed By: Babak Anvari. Critics Consensus: A galvanizing glimpse behind the scenes of a pivotal election, Knock Down the House should prove engrossing for viewers of all political persuasions.

Directed By: Rachel Lears. Critics Consensus: Lady Bird delivers fresh insights about the turmoil of adolescence -- and reveals writer-director Greta Gerwig as a fully formed filmmaking talent. Directed By: Greta Gerwig. Critics Consensus: Strong Island uses one family's heartbreaking tragedy to offer a sobering picture of racial injustice in modern America.

Critics Consensus: Though hampered by Stuart Rosenberg's direction, Cool Hand Luke is held aloft by a stellar script and one of Paul Newman's most indelible performances. Cannon , Jo Van Fleet. Directed By: Stuart Rosenberg. Critics Consensus: Shirkers uses one woman's interrogation of a pivotal personal disappointment to offer affecting observations on creativity, lost opportunity, and coming to terms with the past.

Starring: Jasmine Kin Kia Ng. Directed By: Sandi Tan. With every new month comes a new lineup, and this month comes with a particularly diverse slate. Kick back, stay warm, and take in the new offerings until there's actual reason to leave the house picking up takeout not included. The teen comedy had some Oscar buzz for a while and features some seriously stellar performances from both Hailee Steinfeld and Woody Harrelson.

If you're in the mood for a coming of age film, this one is one of your best bets. The series follows a woman who can't stop dying. Think Happy Death Day 2 U , but even funnier. Admit it. You read Jaws and you heard the music. Jaws needs no introduction, but if you're feeling extra fishy, Jaws 2 and 3 are available to remind you never to get in the ocean again. If you're afraid of death, avoid Final Destination , but then again When some crazy teens come up against fate, fate almost always win.

But they spend the whole movie trying to avoid their inevitable deaths. As Good as It Gets is here to scratch your '90s rom-com itch. When a grumpy writer meets his neighbor's dog, everything changes. That's right: '90s rom-com, Helen Hunt, a dog. This one has all the goods. Long ago, a boy once stuck his penis in a pie, and the world hasn't been the same since.

Join Jason Biggs, Eugene Levy, and everyone else in the American Pie universe for not just the original late-'90s iteration, but also every other sequel ever created. Thanks, Netflix.


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Pop culture and the genre were never the same. The crusty, hard-drinking, hard-living, one-eyed U. At times woodenly acted and downright dated by modern standards, the True Grit nevertheless has a primal power. She hires Rooster Cogburn to track down his killer, who has fled into Indian territory.

Rooster admires her spunk, seeing reflections of himself in her stubbornness. Despite their prickly off-camera relationship, Wayne and Darby put aside those challenges and let the characters do the talking. Never mind the many times he lets the bottle let her down. The remake is a fine movie in its own right. It has a smoother flow, is truer to the spirit of the novel, and feels grittier to our modern sensibilities.

The Hateful Eight is a sprawling film with an intimate core and too much necessary material to trim. Frontier justice does quench our thirst, but the themes of social justice that drive the film are more satiating by far. It all adds up to a towering work, as profound as it is profane.

But Sheridan—who tackled the moral difficulties of the drug war with his script for Sicario—has even bigger thematic game in mind. Hell or High Water is also meant to be a topical anti-capitalist lament, being that it takes place in a west Texas town that looks to have been decimated by the recent economic recession, with big billboard signs of companies advertising debt relief amid stretches of desolation, and with Toby driven in large part by a desire to break out of what he sees as a cycle of poverty for his loved ones, to provide a better life for his two sons and ex-wife.

The film builds up to a finale that thankfully goes not for a mindlessly violent showdown, but for a tension-filled dialogue-based confrontation which plays like a meeting of minds between characters who have more sympathy toward each other than they perhaps realized. Even as two of the main characters reach a kind of truce, however, Mackenzie comes up with an even more devastating image with which to end his film: He simply moves the camera from high in the air down to a batch of grass.

Here, in Hell or High Water , is a sterling example of genre craftsmanship at its intelligent and unexpectedly affecting best. And, come on, what better way to cap off this legendary trilogy than with a flying, time-traveling locomotive? In this photographic gem of a Hollywood retrospective, director David Fincher delivers a finely layered drama about the writing of a Golden Age masterpiece. The writer in question is Herman J. Mankiewicz Gary Oldman. Watch on Netflix. In the wake of a fatal car crash, C Casey Affleck returns to the earth as a white-sheeted phantom.

Time seeps away as minutes, months, and years pass. M grieves, new families come and go, but the house and the ghost remain. Not the easiest watch in this roundup, but worthy of attention for its emotional bravery and stellar composition. Featuring powerful performances across the board, the film paints an emotional but authentic picture of life on the fringe, as seen through the eyes of an adventurous and inquisitive child.

When their plan goes awry and Nick is arrested, Connie will do whatever it takes to free his brother before the authorities come crashing down on him, too. Good Time is a ceaseless NYC thrill ride with a firm foot on the gas, never once letting up on the adrenaline and chaos.

On holiday with her mother, stepfather, and younger stepbrother, Jack Jahzir Bruno , in Mexico, Kate decides to flee her unhappy confines. It just so happens that Jack decides to tag along on her pilgrimage. Claus are in trouble.

His mother, Beverly Amy Adams , struggles with a heroin addiction that puts a strain on the whole family. Bonnie Glenn Close is J. Close and Adams are at the top of their game in this raw and emotional drama that puts us deep in the heartache and hardships of the Vance dynasty. After his adoption by the Faulkner family, Ricky Dennison attempts to settle into his new family, but tragic events scare the boy into the dense New Zealand wilderness.

Bonding over their pasts and hope for a freer future, the pair decide to hide away in the brush together. But with a national manhunt underway to find the man and boy, how long can their odyssey truly last? When the Spotlight crew gets back to work, they begin unearthing a ring of corruption and cover-ups within the Boston Archdiocese.

Carol accidentally leaves her gloves behind, offering a romantically infatuated Therese a way to get in touch with the esteemed socialite. What follows is a lurid tale of love, sexual identity, and the reality of gayness in a highly taboo era. But after traveling from Virginia to Washington D. In order for their prison sentences to be thrown out, the couple must agree to vacate Virginia and not return for 25 years.

Ruth writes to Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, which sets into motion one of the most vital Supreme Court cases in civil rights history. When Patrick Solitano Jr. Bradley Cooper is released from eight months of intensive psychiatric care, he moves back in with his parents, Pat Sr. Intent on getting his wife back, Pat meets Tiffany Jennifer Lawrence , a widowed woman with an unspecified disorder of her own.

As she and Pat begin to bond, Tiffany asks Pat to enter a dance competition with her, a move that Pat is convinced will get him his wife back. On their pilgrimage, Alice inadvertently enters into a promiscuous AOL chat when she tries to look up a particular sex act.

No one knows how many levels there are in this prison, but occupants are randomly reassigned, often to the lower levels where the food rarely reaches. Goreng is reassigned several times through the course of this twisted thriller, which functions as a pulse-pounding capitalist and human rights commentary. The onslaught ravages the resort and separates the family. Maria and Simon awaken together, with Maria having sustained serious injuries. Henry, Thomas, and Simon have also survived but must wade through the chaos and literal ruins of the tsunami to try to find Maria and Simon.

Reeling from the war, Travis becomes enraged by the world around him. Daniel is the type of man who would sell his soul to make a buck, which makes the arrival of Paul Sunday Paul Dano all the more serendipitous. The pair transact, and Daniel journeys to the town of Little Boston with his son H.

Dillon Freasier to try and purchase the Sunday Ranch for drilling. Or is Plainview the curse himself? There Will Be Blood is a two-hour-plus descent into a hell of business meets faith, featuring an Oscar-winning lead performance from Daniel Day-Lewis. The year is When personalities begin to clash, the eight occupants start picking sides and losing their minds. After being turned down for role after role, Tommy decides to write, direct, and star in his own film called The Room , a bizarre and disjointed melodrama that he also casts Greg in.

Post-nuptials, Maxime brings Mrs. It turns out that Alton has otherworldly abilities. Glowing blue eyes, literal earthquakes, and satellite explosions are just a few of his tricks. Chiron Sanders grows up in Miami, surrounded by a community that is full of love and support despite the crack epidemic that is ravaging it.

Juan tries to help Chiron find peace with his identity. Set in rural southern Ohio and West Virginia after World War II, the story follows Arvin Russell Tom Holland , a young man who is determined to protect his loved ones against the corruption and violence that plagues his town.

From complete strangers to the most powerful institutions in the area, brutality is pervasive as everyone seeks desperately to assert their own small bits of power in a broken — but recovering — world. Cleo is the type of character typically relegated to the background of stories like this, but Cuaron makes her the focus, depicting her daily labor and struggles with a surprise pregnancy and unreliable lover.

How about six? The stories and protagonists vary wildly. The eponymous sequence follows Buster Scruggs Tim Blake Nelson , a sharpshooting, guitar-slinging cowboy roaming the West and singing of his adventures. In another, a lonely prospector Tom Waits digs for his fortune. So, you thought Sherlock Holmes was played out?

Millie Bobby Brown shines as the title character in this action-packed, fun-filled twist on the classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories. When her mother turns up mysteriously missing, teenage Enola Holmes hits the trail to find her — something her more famous brother is simply too preoccupied to do. As she sniffs out clues, Enola discovers she might just have as much as, or even more of, a knack for this sleuthing thing than her brother, slowly uncovering a dangerous conspiracy that threatens to rattle the English aristocracy.

Unbeknownst to the king, the actual Ziyu is on the verge of death after the duel, replaced by a body double who must now train to beat Yang Cang. Shadow is a historical epic of grand scope, heavy on intrigue and stylish combat sequences accented by a stark color palette. Lou Bloom Jake Gyllenhaal is a driven young man who is desperate to find work in the high-octane world of Los Angeles crime journalism.

After discovering a group of freelance camera crews who film crashes, fires, murder, and other mayhem around the city, Lou muscles his way into this world, known as nightcrawling. Now, every police siren equals a possible cash windfall, and Lou begins to see victims as another payday.

Aided by veteran newswoman Nina Rene Russo , Lou thrives in the blood-sport of local TV news, eventually becoming the star of his own story. The protagonist is a man named Bonin Marc-Andre Grondin , who wanders the countryside, finding other survivors and slaying zombies. As the group grows, the film gives each character proper development, so they feel fully-fleshed out, unlike the stock survivors of many a zombie film.

While the film has its gory moments, Ravenous frequently employs an atmosphere of dread built through uncanny imagery, such as when the zombies congregate before a shrine made of furniture.


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The best movies on Netflix include Moonlight, Lady Bird, Social Network, The in the first excellent Netflix movie of , an analysis of the game on top of the. Our best movies on Netflix list includes over 85 choices that range from hidden gems to comedies to superhero movies and beyond. SplitTrailers. subscribers. Subscribe. About a Boy Official Trailer. FTZ. M subscribers. Subscribe. THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN Official Red Band Trailer () Hailee Steinfeld, Woody Harrelson. Netflix. M subscribers. Subscribe. Movieclips Classic Trailers. M subscribers. Subscribe.